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What I am hearing in my heart this morning

… it is not that others are in the circle of God’s will more than you because they are “full time” – while you spend your time in a secular job.

If you actually went and did “full time work” it may be following after a caricature of it rather than actually doing it – and you would not be satisfied. For example, to find yourself, say, a full time missionary in China because you saw it as “full time.” You think: “now God would be pleased with me.” But you won’t be any happier. In fact then you might feel really trapped.

It may just be that your full time work is to get words in your spirit and disseminate them. That may actually be your real full time work. Just do it, and accept it. If you do it out of obedience and faithfulness, and no one hears, that is not your worry.

You need to do what you do, but do it with your eyes on the Lord and not on yourself. As if it is you who generates the life. As if it is you who gives yourself the words to say.

Logos2Go, your message this Sunday – both of these will have life if the Spirit leads, which is only possible if you let go and learn again to be the conduit.

If you try to make things up, the conduit will clog up, and you will be spiritually plugged up.

Know the difference between making things up versus letting the life come and go in the conduit.

Start with the Word. If you do not start with the Word, but with your mind, the conduit will clog.

Even in writing secular books and articles, the conduit will clog if you take these upon yourself. Wait for the words to come through the conduit. It is the same conduit. There is not a conduit for the Word, and another conduit for secular words. If God is over all, he does not make an exception for you -- or for the cultural distinction that some do full time Christian work while others do secular work but are sometimes doing Christian work.

Christian work is a misnomer.

As for Logos2Go, know that you have different voices, and not all of them are of equal value. There is good writing in which the Spirit speaks, and is an encouragement to some. That is different than you trying to be funny, which characterizes some of the Logos2Go pieces. Then there is writing that is more you trying to show your academic dexterity; probably no one will read those anyway.

If you struggle in writing so that you think you are sounding grave and relevant, those pieces are probably the ones worth deleting. If you think you’ve come up with a piece that is witty, funny and oh so much you … wait a day or two before posting it; you might feel otherwise when you realize it is just witty, funny and -- oh so much you.


These thoughts came, with minimal editing, while reading this lectionary selection :

Psalm 97
Psalm 147.12-20

1 Samuel 2.27-36
Acts 2.22-36
Luke 20.41-21:4
Psalm 16
Psalm 62


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